Scripture Mastery Activities
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The following activities were created to help you study and learn the 100 scripture mastery passages that have been approved by the Church Board of Education. These passages provide an important scriptural foundation for understanding and sharing the gospel and for strengthening faith. These electronic activities focus on three different dimensions of mastery:

  • Locate the verses by knowing the associated scriptural references.
  • Apply the gospel principles and doctrines taught in the scripture passages.
  • Memorize the passages.

President Howard W. Hunter taught: “I would like our young people to have confidence in the scriptures.... We want the students to have confidence in the strength and truths of the scriptures, confidence that their Heavenly Father is really speaking to them through the scriptures, and confidence that they can turn to the scriptures and find answers to their problems and their prayers” (“Eternal Investments” [Evening with President Howard W. Hunter, Feb. 10, 1989], 2).

Mastering scripture passages takes effort on your part. Your success with scripture mastery depends largely on your attitude and willingness to work.

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